Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 3

Ugh.  Helmet still pops off after 3 1/2 weeks.  Obviously we are not seeing that much of a change because the helmet is never on her head.  The orthotist actually said last "adjustment" that there was nothing more he could do to get it to stay on and that she'd just have to grow into it.  Really?  I really hoped this would be an upbeat blog with great stories of how my sweet baby girl's head is rounding out making her even more beautiful than she already is.  Now I just feel like giving up. We are headed to another orthotist for an evaluation next week. We'll see if they can offer anymore advice.  Plus, I'd like them to take a look at this horrid fit!

My poor little love bug. She's having to endure this helmet which she hates and she's not even getting the full benefit of it.

Recent head shot.
Sorry to be Debbie Downer.  Let's hope it starts to turn around!

In other news, our Miss Piggy had her 6 month appointment last week and tipped the scales at a whopping 20.15 lbs and 28 1/4 inches long!  She is perfectly healthy and has learned many new tricks like sitting on her own and waving.  She also will break out in dance any time she hears anything remotely like a rhythmic beat!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week 2

My baby bird turned 6 months old today!

So my grand plans of being a super blogger?  Yeah, not doing so well!  Ha!  It's been a busy week.  Baby Quinn has been having a heck of a time with her helmet.  Or should we say the helmets been having a heck of a time.  We cannot seem to get it to stay on her head.  She's been sleeping like a champ because every morning when I wake up, the helmet is sitting nicely in the corner of her crib.  Argh.  We had it adjusted today and hopefully that helps.  Although, I can already see a dark red spot forming and when I put her down tonight...shift shift looks precariously close to popping off.  I'm starting to doubt this orthotist.  Ahhhh, breath in breath out.  I just have to have faith her little head will round out eventually.

We finally got her band decorated this week too!  I think it turned out great.  I will post a few pictures soon.  We went through Bling Your Band.  Coree was really easy to work with and the stickers are just what I had hoped for.  I recommend her to anyone!

In other news, we started little baby bean on real food!  She ate like a pro, so stinkin' cute.  Today is her 6 month birthday.  I cannot believe it has been that long, it seems like just yesterday I was holed up in the hospital.  What a precious little gift she is.  I'm so blessed that she is HAPPY and healthy except for a few minor cosmetic issues.

Chow Time

Hope you all are having a good week!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First Week

They say the first week is the hardest. Well, I'd have to agree.  We started off great.  She barely noticed it.  Then we attempted to have her sleep in it.  Naps...OK.  Bedtime...uh not so much.  She got up every hour the first night until I finally took it off at 4am and we snuggled in bed and got a few good hours in. Second night got up every 3 hours but it took 2 hours to get her back to sleep. Fail again.  On full time wear day she was a pro.  Didn't seem to notice it at all.  I pulled it off at 6pm to give her a nice little bath and noticed a big ol' red spot that didn't fade.  Argh.  Too late to call the orthotist so she slept without it.  Ahhhhh, 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep, but no helping the flatty.  When I called the office first thing in the morning they said they were booked solid (really?) and to just wear it intermittently until my regularly scheduled appointment tomorrow.  I attempted to have her sleep in it again tonight but the red spot just got darker.  Another night wasted.  I hate to be little miss negative, but it seems I just wasted a week of probable growth and those two nights of no sleep got us nowhere since we are back at square one with her getting used to sleeping in it. 

Let's hope we get these kinks worked out and on our way to fixin' that flat!

Finally, some zzzzzzzzzz's

Happy to have the helmet off!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Helmet Day 1

Little birdie got her helmet today. :(  I guess it really wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but it's not fun for Mommy no matter how cute she looks in it!  She was in it 3 hours today and will go for the 2 hour stretches tomorrow.  Honestly, I don't even think she noticed it was on.  I'm nervous about nursing her in it, but have faith it will be just fine. I am designing her "bling" and hopefully will give her some style in the next couple of weeks!

Check out the cutey in her cap...I love the one in her saucer, looks like she's groovin' to the beat!  What a little chunk.  More tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Last Days

It's official.  In two short days I will have a helmet baby!  For now I'm just taking every opportunity I can to snuggle that sweet, fuzzy head.  I'm so glad I snapped this photo while we were enjoying the Florida sun today.  Her blonde locks are just so gorgeous!