Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So, today I have a lot of doubts about the decision to helmet.  There's that small nagging part of me that worries the helmet might cause brain/development issues down the road.  Then I think, what kind of issues would the flat head cause?  Ugh.  I know it could be WAY worse and I should be so happy I only have to deal with a flat head, but sometimes I can't help feeling sorry for myself...and my little munchkin.  I hope I'm making the right decision!


  1. My son has been in a helmet since Saturday. We got a late start, as we tried repositioning and physical therapy for SIX MONTHS and while we saw improvement, after all that, he still needed a helmet.

    There is absolutely zero research showing that these helmets have any long term effects. However, untreated plagio can lead to TMJ, problems with glasses, problems finding sports helmets and hats that fit properly, etc. Mason's dad's family also has a problem with early onset hair loss (his dad was mostly bald before he graduated high school!) so that was another factor in our decision.

    This procedure has been around for 20+ years. You'd have heard a lot more bad about it by now if it had long term negative effects.

    Hang in there momma! Like you said, this is NOTHING compared to cancer, leukemia, etc. The end is in site for our funny headed babies!

  2. Newest follower and my son will be getting his DOC band sometime in the next few months. I'll be blogging a bit about his flat head too but for now I blog about traveling with my LO. Check out my blog if you are interested.